Finally, the complete list: Every UTC McKenzie Arena concert!

 By popular demand, and never before on the Internet, here is the complete listing of UTC (McKenzie) Arena concerts, from its opening in 1982 until today.  My thanks to Ken Kapelinski for his research in assembling this list.  Thanks also to Kelly McCoy from KZ-106. I have seen concert databases for other performing venues in the US, so after 34 years, the Roundhouse list is finally online too.  

(As a courtesy, when referring to or reproducing this list, please credit  This was a long time in the making, and we would appreciate any and all links to this website to acknowledge our efforts.)

The list does not always include opening acts.  It only includes performers that sang or played music, so you won’t see basketball games, rodeos, tennis matches, wrestling shows, tractor pulls, ice shows, or other non-music events.  Following the chronological list is an alphabetical list, so if you want to look up Lionel Richie for example, you look under “L.” (When I am able to confirm omissions and opening acts, I will add to the list.  So if you have any corrections or additions, let me know.)

Who hasn’t played the Arena? We never saw the Beatles or Stones at the Roundhouse.  Nor did we see Simon and Garfunkel, Linda Ronstadt, Tom Petty, Madonna, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Katy Perry, or Mariah Carey.  John Fogerty and Glen Campbell never played here.  Usher grew up here, but has never returned to play the Arena.  We never saw Whitney Houston, but Bobby Brown came to town.

Stevie Wonder played Memorial Auditorium in 1963, when he was 13, but never played Chattanooga again. Neil Diamond played Memorial Auditorium as part of the Jet-FLI Spectaculars twice in 1967, but never returned to Chattanooga after he hit it big. Bruce Springsteen never played the Arena, but he did play Memorial Auditorium to a small crowd in 1976.  Prince never played the Arena, but played Memorial Auditorium in 1980, 1982 and 1998.

Garth Brooks played Memorial Auditorium in 1991, but evidently got too big to play the Arena. Same goes for the Bee Gees, who played Memorial Auditorium in 1975, but outgrew our town after Saturday Night Fever. Celine Dion played the Arena, but only as opening act to Michael Bolton in 1994. Taylor Swift opened for Brad Paisley, before headlining her own show a year later.  Keith Urban opened for Kenny Chesney in 2004. James Taylor made his first visit in April 2016.  Billy Ray Cyrus played the Arena in 1993, when his daughter Miley was a year old.  However, Miley has never taken the stage at UTC.

(Fun fact: the late R & B superstar Ray Charles never played the UTC Arena.  But a few months before it opened, he did 2 concerts on the Jukebox Junction stage at Lake Winnepesaukah, on Father’s Day 1982.  Just in case anyone asks, now you know.)

Some acts kept coming back: Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Reba McEntyre each visited 4 times, Alabama and Kenny Rogers played 5 shows, Elton John made his fifth visit in March 2016, and will reportedly play for a sixth time during his farewell tour in 2019. The Gaither family/friends gospel troupe has appeared 6 times, and Hank Williams Jr. played 6 shows, sharing the bill once with Skynyrd.

I recently wrote about the two 2016 shows (Elton John and James Taylor) and how many of us miss the heyday of UTC Arena concerts.  In 1983, the venue hosted an eye-popping 23 concerts.  1984 was almost as busy, with 20 big-name acts in the house.  Throughout the rest of the 80s, there were never less than 12 shows in a given year, with 16 in 1987 and 15 in 1989.

The 1990s saw a gradual drop, starting with 12 in 1990, 12 again in 1993, but only 9 in 1997, 1998 and 1999 combined.   There was a bit of a revival in the mid-2000s, with 20 shows between 2003 and 2006, but the decline has been massive during the past decade.

On the bright side, we are seeing an upswing in shows at the Memorial Auditorium and Tivoli Theater, as well as some hot acts at Track 29 and other local stages.  Still, it’s fun to reminisce about the glory days of top pop, rock, soul and country stars who made the Roundhouse a busy concert venue for many years.  How many of these did you attend?  I have attached an asterisk (*) to the shows I have attended over the years.  Take a look at these names, and enjoy a ride back to the days of UTC Arena concerts! Also: I have a bonus video for you at the end.

10/08/1982           KENNY ROGERS/GATLIN BROTHERS*

10/23/1982           JIMMY BUFFETT

11/07/1982           VAN HALEN/Joe Whiting & the Bandit Band

11/18/1982           BARRY MANILOW*

12/03/1982           WILLIE NELSON

01/29/1983           KISS/Night Ranger

02/04/1983           BILLY SQUIER/Saga

02/25/1983           DIANA ROSS

03/02/1983           BOB SEGER/John Hall*

3/11/1983            ALABAMA/Janie Fricke*

3/12/1983            ALABAMA/Janie Fricke

03/19/1983           REO SPEEDWAGON

04/08/1983           BARBARA MANDRELL

04/09/1983           DAN FOGELBERG*

05/18/1983           DEF LEPPARD/John Butcher Axis/Krokus/

05/27/1983           STYX

06/03/1983           CHICAGO

07/09/1983           IMPERIALS

07/27/1983           RICK JAMES

07/28/1983           RICK SPRINGFIELD/Sparks

08/04/1983           OSMONDS

08/13/1983           JACKSON BROWNE*

09/04/1983           B B KING

09/12/1983           LOVERBOY/Zebra

10/16/1983           OAK RIDGE BOYS

11/03/1983           GAP BAND

11/06/1983           KENNY ROGERS/Righteous Brothers/B.J. Thomas*

11/12/1983           HEART/KANSAS

01/18/1984           .38 SPECIAL/HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS


02/11/1984           BILLY JOEL*

03/06/1984           WILLIE NELSON

03/29/1984           LUTHER VANDROSS

04/20/1984           ALABAMA*

04/21/1984           TED NUGENT

06/09/1984           CAMEO

06/28/1984           NIGHT RANGER/Tony Carey

08/01/1984           AEROSMITH

09/25/1984           GO-GO’S/Red Rockers

10/04/1984           GATLIN BROTHERS/Janie Fricke

10/05/1984           ELTON JOHN*

10/30/1984           BILLY SQUIER/Ratt

11/03/1984           CULTURE CLUB

11/04/1984           KENNY ROGERS

11/15/1984           QUIET RIOT/Armored Saint/Whitesnake

11/25/1984           CYNDI LAUPER/Bangles

12/02/1984           STATLER BROTHERS*

12/04/1984           BARRY MANILOW*

02/19/1985           IRON MAIDEN/Twisted Sister

03/02/1985           CHICAGO

03/05/1985           REO SPEEDWAGON/Survivor

03/08/1985           MIDNIGHT STAR

04/06/1985           TOM JONES*

04/19/1985           NEW EDITION

05/04/1985           HALL & OATES/Til Tuesday

08/01/1985           LUTHER VANDROSS

08/21/1985           RATT/BON JOVI/Y & T

10/04/1985           BEACH BOYS

10/25/1985           BAR-KAYS

11/09/1985           TINA TURNER/Mr. Mister*

02/01/1986           LOVERBOY/HOOTERS

02/23/1986           ZZ TOP (attendance 11,800: largest concert crowd ever)

03/01/1986           HEART/Autograph

03/08/1986           ALABAMA*

03/15/1986           JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP*

03/25/1986           KENNY ROGERS*

03/27/1986           HANK WILLIAMS, JR

04/17/1986           NEW EDITION/Force MDs, Cherelle

06/08/1986           RUN DMC/BEASTIE BOYS

07/29/1986           OZZY OSBOURNE/Metallica

09/25/1986           MOODY BLUES/The Fixx

10/081986            ITZHAK PERLMAN & Chattanooga Symphony

10/29/1986           MONKEES/Herman’s Hermits/Grassroots/Gary Puckett*

11/26/1986           FRANKIE BEVERLY & MAZE

1986 (date unknown) ITZHAK PERLMAN

01/21/1987           RATT/Queensryche

02/11/1987           FREDDIE JACKSON

02/12/1987           DAVID LEE ROTH/Tesla

02/17/1987           HUEY LEWIS/Robert Cray Band

03/07/1987           SANDI PATTI

03/13/1987           BILLY JOEL*

05/06/1987           REO SPEEDWAGON/Joan Jett

05/14/1987           BOB HOPE/Chattanooga Boys Choir*

06/06/1987           KOOL & THE GANG

07/24/1987           CAMEO

08/01/1987           LL COOL J

10/30/1987           TINA TURNER/GO WEST

11/08/1987           BAR-KAYS, LEVERT, FORCE MD’S

11/21/1987           MOTLEY CRUE W/GUNS & ROSES

12/01/1987           STEVE GREEN

12/14/1987           ANDY WILLIAMS/Chattanooga Boys Choir*


03/13/1988        WHITESNAKE/Great White (attendance 11,700: 2nd largest concert crowd ever)


04/12/1988        AEROSMITH/White Lion

05/31/1988        LYNYRD SKYNYRD

07/06/1988           DOPE JAM-KOOL MOE DEE/ERIC B


09/15/1988           DEF LEPPARD / QUEENSRYCHE

09/29/1988           SALT-N-PEPA / KEITH SWEAT/Rob Base/DJ EZ Rock

10/19/1988           POISON/Britny Fox/Lita Ford

11/18/1988           SANDI PATTI

12/06/1988           JOHN DENVER/Chattanooga Boys Choir*

01/28/1989               NEW EDITION/BOBBY BROWN/AL B SURE

02/11/1989            CHICAGO*

03/04/1989           HANK WILLIAMS JR/STEVE EARLE

04/18/1989           KENNY G

05/04/1989           ROD STEWART*

05/06/1989           BOBBY WOMACK/JOHNNIE TAYLOR

05/25/1989           CINDERELLA/Bullet Boys/Winger

07/05/1989           LL COOL J/SLICK RICK/TOO SHORT

07/14/1989           BON JOVI / Bad English

8/15/1989            METALLICA/The Cult

8/23/1989            DOOBIE BROTHERS

10/5/1989            M C HAMMER/EPMD/2 LIVE CREW

10/11/1989           BEACH BOYS

11/2/1989            TESLA/GREAT WHITE

11/3/1989            R.E.M./Pylon

1/31/1990            MOTLEY CRUE/Warrant

3/8/1990             NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK

3/16/1990            HANK WILLIAMS JR

3/24/1990            STATLER BROTHERS*

4/27/1990            DAVID PEASTON / MIKI HOWARD

5/22/1990            AEROSMITH/Joan Jett

7/19/1990            M C HAMMER

7/24/1990            RICHARD MARX/Wilson Phillips

10/17/1990           POISON/Warrant

10/20/1990           STEVE GREEN

10/27/1990           RANDY TRAVIS


2/8/1991             BAD COMPANY / DAMN YANKEES

2/13/1991            VANILLA ICE

2/27/1991            ZZ TOP/Black Crowes

5/25/1991            NELSON / ENUFF Z’NUFF

6/28/1991            QUEENSRYCHE/Suicidal Tendencies

7/24/1991            CLINT BLACK

8/4/1991             MICHAEL BOLTON / OLETA ADAMS

9/16/91                 CARMAN

10/24/1991           SANDI PATTI

11/16/1991           AMY GRANT


2/12/1992            VAN HALEN/Baby Animals

2/21/1992            CHILL DEAL BOYS / POISON CLAN

3/12/1992            METALLICA

3/13/1992            RANDY TRAVIS/Trisha Yearwood

4/5/1992             HANK WILLIAMS JR

4/16/1992            M C HAMMER/Boys II Men/Jodice

9/11/1992            CHUBB ROCK / ERIC B. & RAKIM

10/7/1992            KRIS KROSS

11/13/1992           REBA MCENTIRE/BROOKS & DUNN

12/4/1992            DEF LEPPARD

3/18-19/1993         TRAVIS TRITT

3/26/93                CARMAN

4/17/1993            TOO SHORT/DA LENCH MOB/N2DEEP

4/22/1993            ALAN JACKSON

4/29/1993            MICHAEL W SMITH


5/14/1993            WYNONNA JUDD / CLINT BLACK

11/12/1993           REBA MCENTIRE/John Michael Montgomery

12/9/1993            BILLY RAY CYRUS

12/16/1993           JUDY COLLINS

2/26/1994            ROD STEWART

2/27/1994            VINCE GILL

4/29/1994            BROOKS AND DUNN

7/12/1994            MOODY BLUES/Chattanooga Festival Orchestra

7/28/1994            R KELLY /Salt N Pepa

8/1/1994             MICHAEL BOLTON / CELINE DION

10/12/1994           ZZ TOP/Jackyl

10/14/94               CARMAN

12/8/1994            TRAVIS TRITT

2/5/1995             REBA MCENTIRE

3/31/1995            JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY

4/1/1995             AMY GRANT

4/7/1995             BOYZ II MEN

4/20/1995            LIL TEXAS/TIM MCGRAW

4/28/1995            LYNYRD SKYNYRD / HANK WILLIAMS JR

9/19/1995            BON JOVI/Dokken

10/19/1995           BEACH BOYS

11/8/1995            ALLMAN BROTHERS

3/14/96                CARMAN

3/23/1996            VINCE GILL/Patty Loveless

4/21/1996            TIM MCGRAW/FAITH HILL

5/8/1996             R KELLY/LL COOL J

8/9/1996             REBA MCENTIRE

10/11/96             TRAVIS TRITT

11/14/96             STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN

3/28/1997            VINCE GILL\BRYAN WHITE

8/14/1997            LYNYRD SKYNYRD/Paul Rodgers/Kenny Wayne Shepherd

10/25/1997           BILL GAITHER & FRIENDS

6/17/1998            SOUL ASYLUM

10/24/1998           GAITHER FAMILY

11/6/1998            SHANIA TWAIN

1/6/1999             AEROSMITH/Candlebox

2/20/1999            ELTON JOHN

4/11/1999            DC TALK/The W’s

4/12/2000            RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS/Foo Fighters/Muse

4/24/2000            KISS/Ted Nugent/Skid Row

7/22/2000            MOTLEY CRUE/MEGADETH/Anthrax

1/20/2001            NEWSONG/JANUARY JAM

2/13/2001            CARMAN

7/10/2001            MYSTICAL

8/25/2001            ALABAMA

10/14/2001           DISTURBED/Drowning Pool/Stereomud/Systematic

11/15/2001           MARK LOWRY/Anthony Burger

11/21/2001           WIDESPREAD PANIC

11/24/2001           KENNY CHESNEY/Rascal Flatts/Sara Evans

1/31/2002            LUDACRIS

2/28/2003            GAITHER FAMILY

4/27/2003            MICHAEL W SMITH

5/16/2003            ALAN JACKSON/Joe Nichols

10/1/2003            RASCAL FLATTS/Chris Cagle/Julie Roberts

11/1/2003            MARTINA MCBRIDE

1/1/2004             3 Doors Down

2/12/04               Kid Rock/Gov’t Mule

3/27/2004             Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban/Dierks Bentley

9/13/2004            CHER/Tommy Drake

10/23/2004           RASCAL FLATTS/Chris Cagle

11/12/2004           THIRD DAY

4/19/2005            STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN

11/8/2005            3 DOORS DOWN/SHINEDOWN/Silvertide

11/13/2005           TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA

11/17/2005           BRAD PAISLEY/Sara Evans/Sugarland

1/26/2006            GRETCHEN WILSON/Blaine Larsen/Van Zant

9/22/2006            Staind/Hinder/Black Stone Cherry

10/20/2006           Lil Wayne

11/12/2006           Carrie Underwood

12/10/2006           Bow Wow

2/8/2007             Toby Keith/Miranda Lambert

3/16/07                Winter Jam/Steven Curtis Chapman/Newsong/Hawk Nelson

4/26/2007            Brad Paisley/Kellie Pickler/Jack Ingram/Taylor Swift

11/2/2007           Gaither Family

11/4/2007            Three Days Grace/Breaking Benjamin/Seether

1/11/2008             BarlowGirl/Mandisa

4/18/2008            Casting Crowns/Leeland/John Waller

10/18/2008           Taylor Swift

12/8/2008            Carrie Underwood/Little Big Town

1/9/2009             Winter Jam/Toby Mac/Brandon Heath/Newsong

3/27/2009           Jeff Dunham

5/13/2009            Shinedown/Halestorm/10 Years/Saving Abel

7/15/2009            Slim Thug / Trina

9/19/2009            Jeremih

10/10/2009           Casting Crowns

1/8/2010                Winter Jam/Fireflight/Red/Tenth Avenue North/Third Day

8/26/2010            Maroon 5/VV Brown/Kris Allen

11/19/2010           ELTON JOHN w/Leon Russell

11/20/2010           Gaithers Homecoming

1/7/2011             Winter Jam/Newsboys/Red/Chris August

2/1/2011             Jason Aldean w/ Eric Church

2/12/2012           Winter Jam/Skillet/We As People/Newsong/Kari Jobe/Building 429

3/10/2012            Gaither Family

4/6/2012             Casting Crowns

1/6/2013              Winter Jam/Toby Mac

2/16/2013            Brantley Gilbert/Kip Moore

3/23/2013            ELTON JOHN

1/12/2014             Winter Jam/Newsboys

3/20/2014            Zac Brown

3/21/2014            Andy Grammer/The Ready Set

3/15/2015            Winter Jam

1/10/2016            Winter Jam/For King & Country/Matthew West/Crowder/Red/NewSong

2/10/2016            Newsboys/Jeremy Camp/Mandisa

3/12/2016            ELTON JOHN

4/23/2016            JAMES TAYLOR

3/26/17                Winter Jam (Crowder, Britt Nicole, Tenth Avenue North, Colton Dixon, NewSong

2/25/18                Winter Jam (Featuring Skillet, Kari Jobe, Building 429, John Crist, KB, NewSong, Jordan Feliz, Dan Bremnes, Mallary Hope, Westover, and Nick Hall)


.38 SPECIAL                                        01/18/1984

3 Days Grace                                       11/4/2007

3 Doors Down                                       1/1/2004

3 DOORS DOWN                                       11/8/2005

AEROSMITH                                          08/01/1984

AEROSMITH                                          04/12/1988

AEROSMITH                                          5/22/1990

AEROSMITH                                          1/6/1999

ALABAMA                                            3/11/1983

ALABAMA                                            03/12/1983

ALABAMA                                            04/20/1984

ALABAMA                                            03/08/1986

ALABAMA                                            8/25/2001

ALAN JACKSON                                       4/22/1993

ALAN JACKSON                                       5/16/2003

ALLMAN BROTHERS                                    11/8/1995

AMY GRANT                                          11/16/1991

AMY GRANT                                          4/1/1995

Andy Grammar                                       3/21/2014

ANDY WILLIAMS/Chattanooga Boys Choir                       12/14/1987

B B KING                                           09/04/1983

BAD COMPANY / DAMN YANKEES                         2/8/1991

BARBARA MANDRELL                                   04/08/1983

BAR-KAYS                                           10/25/1985

BAR-KAYS, LEVERT, FORCE MD’S                         11/08/1987

BARRY MANILOW                                      11/18/1982

BARRY MANILOW                                      12/04/1984

BEACH BOYS                                         10/04/1985

BEACH BOYS                                         10/11/1989

BEACH BOYS                                         10/19/1995

BILL GAITHER & FRIENDS                             10/25/1997

BILLY JOEL                                         02/11/1984

BILLY JOEL                                         03/13/1987

BILLY RAY CYRUS                                    12/9/1993

BILLY SQUIER                                       02/04/1983

BILLY SQUIER                                       10/30/1984

BOB HOPE                                           05/14/1987

BOB SEGER                                          03/02/1983

BOBBY WOMACK/JOHNNIE TAYLOR                        05/06/1989

BON JOVI / BLUE MURDER                             07/14/1989

BON JOVI                                           9/19/1995

Bow Wow                                            12/10/2006

BOYZ II MEN                                        4/7/1995

BRAD PAISLEY                                       11/17/2005

BRAD PAISLEY                                       4/26/2007

Brantley Gilbert                                   2/16/2013

BROOKS AND DUNN                                    4/29/1994

CAMEO                                              06/09/1984

CAMEO                                              07/24/1987

CARMAN                                              09/16/1991

CARMAN                                              03/26/1993

CARMAN                                              10/14/1994

CARMAN                                             03/14/1996

CARMAN                                                02/13/2001

Carrie Underwood                                   11/12/2006

Carrie Underwood                                   12/8/2008

Casting Crowns                                     4/18/2008

Casting Crowns                                     10/10/2009

Casting Crowns                                     4/6/2012

CHER                                               9/13/2004

CHICAGO                                            06/03/1983

CHICAGO                                            03/02/1985

CHICAGO                                            02-11-1989

CHILL DEAL BOYS / POISON CLAN                     2/21/1992

CHUBB ROCK / ERIC B. & RAKIM                       9/11/1992

CINDERELLA                                         05/25/1989

CLINT BLACK                                        7/24/1991

CULTURE CLUB                                       11/03/1984

CYNDI LAUPER                                       11/25/1984

DAN FOGELBERG                                      04/09/1983

DAVID LEE ROTH                                     02/12/1987

DAVID PEASTON / MIKI HOWARD                        4/27/1990

DC TALK                                            4/11/1999

DEF LEPPARD                                        05/18/1983

DEF LEPPARD / QUEENSRYCHE                          09/15/1988

DEF LEPPARD                                        12/4/1992

DIANA ROSS                                         02/25/1983

DISTURBED                                          10/14/2001

DOOBIE BROTHERS                                    8/23/1989

DOPE JAM-KOOL MOE DEE/ERIC B +                     07/06/1988

ELTON JOHN                                         10/05/1984

ELTON JOHN                                         2/20/1999

ELTON JOHN w/Leon Russell                          11/19/2010

ELTON JOHN                                         3/23/2013

ELTON JOHN                                         3/12/2016

FRANKIE BEVERLY & MAZE                             11/26/1986

FREDDIE JACKSON                                    02/11/1987

G.JONES/C.TWITTY/M.HAGGARD                         12/2/1990

GAITHER FAMILY CONCERT                             10/24/1998

GAITHERS                                           2/28/2003

GAITHERS                                           111/2/2007

GAITHERS HOMECOMING                                11/20/2010

GAITHERS                                           3/10/2012

GAP BAND                                           11/03/1983

GATLIN BROTHERS                                    10/04/1984

GO-GO’S                                            09/25/1984

GRETCHEN WILSON                                    1/26/2006

HALL & OATES                                       05/04/1985

HANK WILLIAMS, JR                                  03/27/1986

HANK WILLIAMS JR/WAYLON                            02/19/1988

HANK WILLIAMS JR/STEVE EARLE                       03/04/1989

HANK WILLIAMS JR                                   3/16/1990

HANK WILLIAMS JR                                   4/5/1992

HEART/KANSAS                                       11/12/1983

HEART                                              03/01/1986

HUEY LEWIS                                         02/17/1987

IMPERIALS                                          07/09/1983

IRON MAIDEN                                        02/19/1985

ITZHAK PERLMAN                                 10/8/86

JACKSON BROWNE                                     08/13/1983

JANES TAYLOR                                       4/23/2016

JASON ALDEAN w/ Eric Church        2/1/2011

Jeremih                                            9/19/2009

JIMMY BUFFET                                       10/23/1982

JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP                             03/15/1986

JOHN DENVER                        12/06/1988

JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY                                  3/31/1995

JUDY COLLINS                     12/16/1993

KENNY CHESNEY                                     11/24/2001

KENNY CHESNEY                                     3/1/2004

KENNY G                                            04/18/1989

KENNY ROGERS                                       10/08/1982

KENNY ROGERS                                       11/06/1983

KENNY ROGERS                                       11/04/1984

KENNY ROGERS                                       03/25/1986

KENNY ROGERS / FORESTER SISTERS                    03/20/1988

Kid Rock                                           2/1/2004

KISS                                               01/29/1983

KISS                                4/24/2000

KOOL & THE GANG                                    06/06/1987

KRIS KROSS                                         10/7/1992

LIL TEXAS/TIM MCGRAW                               4/20/1995

Lil Wayne                                          10/20/2006

LIONEL RICHIE/Pointer Sisters                               01/23/1984

LL COOL J                                          08/01/1987

LL COOL J/SLICK RICK/TOO SHORT                     07/05/1989

LOVERBOY                                           09/12/1983

LOVERBOY/HOOTERS                                   02/01/1986

LUDACRIS                                            1/31/2002

LUTHER VANDROSS                                    03/29/1984

LUTHER VANDROSS                                    08/01/1985

LUTHER VANDROSS/LISA FISHER/SINBAD                 12/7/1991

LYNYRD SKYNYRD                                     05/31/1988

LYNYRD SKYNARD/DRIVIN N CRYIN/BAD CO                5/4-6/1993

LYNYRD SKYNYRD / HANK WILLIAMS                     4/28/1995

LYNYRD SKYNYRD                                     8/14/1997

M C HAMMER                                         7/19/1990

M C HAMMER/EPMD/2 LIVE CREW                        10/5/1989

M C HAMMER                                         4/16/1992

MARK LOWRY                                        11/15/2001

Maroon 5                                           8/26/2010

MARTINA MCBRIDE                                    11/1/2003

METALLICA                                          8/15/1989

METALLICA                                          3/12/1992

MICHAEL BOLTON / OLETA ADAMS                       8/4/1991

MICHAEL BOLTON / CELINE DION                      8/1/1994

MICHAEL W SMITH                                    4/29/1993

MICHAEL W SMITH                                    4/27/2003

MIDNIGHT STAR                                      03/08/1985

MONKEES                                            10/29/1986

MOODY BLUES                                        09/25/1986

MOODY BLUES                    7/12/1994

MOTLEY CRUE W/GUNS & ROSES                         11/21/1987

MOTLEY CRUE/Warrant                                        1/31/1990

MOTLEY CRUE/MEGADETH                              7/22/2000

MYSTICAL                                           7/10/2001

NELSON / ENUFF Z’NUFF                              5/25/1991

NEW EDITION                                        04/19/1985

NEW EDITION                                        04/17/1986

NEW EDITION & BOBBY BROWN/AL B SURE                01/28/1989

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK                              3/8/1990

NEWSONG/JANUARY JAM                                1/20/2001

NIGHT RANGER                                       06/28/1984

OAK RIDGE BOYS                                     10/16/1983

OSMONDS                                            08/04/1983

OZZY OSBOURNE                                      07/29/1986

POISON                                             10/19/1988

POISON                                             10/17/1990

QUEENSRYCHE                                        6/28/1991

QUIET RIOT                                         11/15/1984

R KELLEY /BLACK GIRLS                              7/28/1994

R KELLY/LL COOL J                                  5/8/1996

R.E.M.                                             11/3/1989

RANDY TRAVIS                                       10/27/1990

RANDY TRAVIS                                       3/13/1992

RASCAL FLATTS                                      10/1/2003

RASCAL FLATTS                                      10/23/2004

RATT/BON JOVI/Y & T                                08/21/1985

RATT                                               01/21/1987

REBA MCENTIRE/BROOKS & DUNN            11/13/1992

REBA MCENTIRE                                      11/12/1993

REBA MCENTIRE                                      2/5/1995

REBA MCENTIRE                                      8/9/1996

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS                              4/12/2000

REO SPEEDWAGON                                     03/19/1983

REO SPEEDWAGON                                     03/05/1985

REO SPEEDWAGON                                     05/06/1987

RICHARD MARX                                       7/24/1990

RICK JAMES                                         07/27/1983

Rick Ross                                          4/28/2012

RICK SPRINGFIELD                                   07/28/1983

ROD STEWART                                        05/04/1989

ROD STEWART                                        2/26/1994

RUN DMC                                            06/08/1986

RUN-DMC/JAZZY JEFF/JJ FAD                         08/05/1988

SALT-N-PEPA / KEITH SWEAT                          09/29/1988

SANDI PATTI                                        03/07/1987

SANDI PATTI                                        11/18/1988

SANDI PATTI                                        10/24/1991

SHANIA TWAIN                               11/6/1998

Shinedown                                          5/13/2009

Slim Thug / Trina                                  7/15/2009

SOUL ASYLUM                           6/17/1998

Staind                                             9/22/2006

STATLER BROTHERS                                   12/02/1984

STATLER BROTHERS                                   3/24/1990

STEVE GREEN                                        12/01/1987

STEVE GREEN                                        10/20/1990

STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN                              11/14/1996

STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN                              4/19/2005

STYX                                               05/27/1983

Taylor Swift                                       10/18/2008

TED NUGENT                                         04/21/1984

TESLA/GREAT WHITE                                  11/2/1989

THIRD DAY                                          11/12/2004

TIM MCGRAW                                         4/21/1996

TINA TURNER/Mr. Mister                                11/09/1985

TINA TURNER/GO WEST                                10/30/1987

Toby Keith                                         2/8/2007

Toby Mac                                             01/06/2013

TOM JONES                                          04/06/1985

TOO SHORT/LYNCH MOB/N2 DEEP                4/17/1993

TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA                           11/13/2005

TRAVIS TRITT                                       3/18-19/1993

TRAVIS TRITT                                       12/8/1994

TRAVIS TRITT                                       10/11/1996

VAN HALEN                                          11/07/1982

VAN HALEN                                          2/12/1992

VANILLA ICE                                        2/13/1991

VINCE GILL                                         2/27/1994

VINCE GILL                                         3/23/1996

VINCE GILL\BRYAN WHITE                             3/28/1997

WHITESNAKE                                         03/13/1988 (attendance 11,700: 2nd largest concert crowd)

WIDESPREAD PANIC                                   11/21/2001

WILLIE NELSON                                      12/03/1982

WILLIE NELSON                                      03/06/1984

WYNONNA JUDD / CLINT BLACK                         5/14/1993

Zac Brown                                          3/20/2014

ZZ TOP                                             02/23/1986 (attendance 11,800: largest concert crowd ever)

ZZ TOP                                             2/27/1991

ZZ TOP                                             10/12/1994

Bonus Video: Jackson Browne sound check from his 1983 show

About David Carroll

David Carroll is a longtime Chattanooga radio and TV broadcaster, and has anchored the evening news on WRCB-TV since 1987. He is the author of "Chattanooga Radio & Television" published by Arcadia.

88 thoughts on “Finally, the complete list: Every UTC McKenzie Arena concert!

  1. Patricia Wright

    I only went to one concert there, and it’s not listed. Can’t remember when, but it was John-Pierre Rampal.

  2. Clive Bonnick

    Actually this list is not perfect. There are some concerts that may have been cancelled. Certainly I had tickets to see the Moody Blues in 1994 but the show was cancelled due to low ticket sales.

    1. David Carroll Post author

      I will check on that, Clive. According to the director’s records, and the Moody Blues concert websites, they did play Chattanooga on that date. They did cancel a show at Finley Stadium in 1999. If I can confirm, I will correct that date.

  3. John shaver

    Great list,
    It’s amazing how many and who all I have seen, but just as amazing is who I have missed seeing!!!!

    I would like see a similar list around Riverbend and the Budlight stage
    Please advise if you know of such a list

    1. Alicia

      A Riverbend list would be awesome, I have compiled my own “concerts I have seen list” and am missing much info from the early Riverbend days. I have searched online and found a few bits and some old newspaper clippings I have. This roundhouse list is very helpful as well! I did keep a lot of my ticket stubs.

  4. Steve

    Lots of Contemporary Christian concerts are missing….All the WinterJams except the first one. Just last week one of the many appearances by Newsboys,etc.

  5. Rhonda

    Yes incomplete list. Saw the Righteous Brothers there also. Met them backstage, I’m thinking that was before a Kenny Rogers’ concert. Met Kenny backstage also. Great memories.

  6. Paul Simmons

    Some info on opening acts:
    11/07/1982 – The Bandit Boys (Van Halen)
    01/29/1983 – Night Ranger (Kiss)
    02/04/1983 – Saga (Billy Squier)
    05/18/1983 – John Butcher Axis / Krokus (Def Leapprd)
    08/01/1984 – Honeymoon Suite (I THINK) (Aerosmith)
    10/30/1984 – Ratt (Billy Squier)
    11/15/1984 – Armored Saint / Whitesnake (Quiet Riot)
    02/19/1985 – Twisted Sister (Iron Maiden)
    03/05/1985 – Survivor (REO Speedwagon)
    03/01/1986 – Autograph (Heart)
    07/29/1986 – Metallica (Ozzy Osbourne)
    01/21/1987 – Queensryche (Ratt)
    02/12/1987 – Tesla (David Lee Roth)
    03/13/1988 – Great White (Whitesnake)
    04/12/1988 – White Lion (Aerosmith)
    10/19/1988 – Britny Fox / Lita Ford (Poison)
    05/25/1989 – Bulletboys / Winger (Cinderella)
    08/15/1989 – The Cult (Metallica)
    01/31/1990 – Warrant (Motley Crue)
    05/22/1990 – Might have been Joan Jett (Aerosmith)
    10/17/1990 – ??? (Poison)
    02/27/1991 – Black Crowes (ZZ Top)
    06/28/1991 – Suicidal Tendencies (Queensryche)
    02/12/1992 – Baby Animals (Van Halen)
    09/19/1995 – Dokken (Bon Jovi)
    04/24/2000 – Skid Row / Ted Nugent (Kiss)

      1. Paul Simmons

        When you added the information, you called Whitesnake “White Riot” from the 11/15/84 show. It was Whitesnake opening for Quiet Riot (with Armored Saint

        I’ve got some photos and some reviews from the paper and lots of ticket stubs to a lot of these shows. We could put together a really nice thing here.

        1. Paul Simmons

          Also Kiss did not play here in 1990. They were considering a show here but never played here.

          I know it’s on the Wiki page, but that show never happened. It was never even announced.

          They did announce a show in 1987 that was also cancelled. It would have had W.A.S.P. opening.

          As a card carrying member of the Kiss Army and someone who has been consulted by people writing books about the band due to my knowledge of the band, I can promise you that show never took place.

          I love this list though. Thanks for all the work in putting it together.

  7. Bart

    The Roundhouse ain’t was it used to be, The concerts were great. But no big musicals act don’t come here anymore, except for Track 29. The bigger acts came in the 80’s. Now you have to go to either Atlanta, or Knoxville to see a great act. UTC Roundhouse was great and it needs some more to bring the bigger acts to Chattanooga.

  8. kelly

    I really wish that we had a venue that could lure the big names to our town. It is terrible that we have to take our local made money to another town or state to enjoy the concerts. I remember when the arena was where everything was happening but then it seemed to just disappear. I have often wondered if our city thinks about much money they are losing by not being able to offer more entertainment like concerts with big artists.

  9. tracie nave

    now we need a list of the tivoli and the other venue that i cant think of at the moment,lol where graduations are held. this is very cool and thanks for taking the time to do this i appreciate it!

  10. Chris Goforth

    Joan Jett was the opener for Aerosmith on 5/22/90.
    The Soul Asylum show in ’98 was actually part of Riverbend if memory serves. I remember going, there was maybe 500 people there.
    Awesome list thanks for putting it together!

  11. Bob Wingard

    We went to the very first concert there … Kenny Rogers 1982 … it was SO BAD, we’ve never gone back. Acoustics & p.a. system were terrible … couldn’t hear or understand a word the said.

  12. Debra Cooper

    Quite a lot of memories in that list. And back in the day, we didn’t have to mortgage the house to pay for the tickets. Thanks for sharing this David.

  13. Johnny Eagle

    David some time in the mid 80’s to about 93 Herman’s Hermits and Gary Pucket played there not sure who the headliner was. It was an oldie concert.

  14. Jerry McDaniel Jr.

    Thanks for the listings, I’ve always wondered who had played at the Roundhouse and also when. I have seen many of the shows and always kept my ticket stubs to have something to remember it by. I thought that Van Halen had played a third concert, one with David Lee Roth in 82′ and maybe two with Sammy Hagar (92′ and maybe one earlier) I will have to find those old ticket stubs to confirm it. It was nice to see some of the shows that took place that I wished I had been able to go to. Those were some great times “back in the day.” One group I wished that had played here before they broke up in the mid-80’s was Journey. That would have been something else.

    1. Patricia Wallen

      Journey was scheduled to play in November 1986, but was cancelled due to low ticket sales (or that’s what I heard). I went to Birmingham to see them the same month. Awesome concert…tbeyre my all-time favorite group.

  15. Leah Wallingsford Knight

    Warrant has been left out of the alphabetical list. They were the openers for Mötley Crüe on 1/31/1990.

  16. Matthew

    Great list! A lot of good talent. I could be wrong, but I thought that the 1994 Michael Bolton concert was on Aug 2nd and not Aug 1. It has significance to me, so would you mind sharing your source on this one?

    1. David Carroll Post author

      Hi Matthew, thanks for reading. I have two sources on the Bolton 8/1/94 date. The original list from UTC’s Ken Kapelinski, and my own personal calendar from 1994. It has both the concert, and the softball game with Bolton’s Bombers listed on Monday August 1st. David Carroll

  17. Dale Slater

    I was excited when UTC announced they were building an approx. 10,000 to 12,000 seat arena. I was tired of driving to Atlanta, Nashville, or Knoxville to see the big acts of that day. Big arenas, big sound. Nowadays, I would much rather find my seat or place to stand in a 2,000 or less venue. Those are much more intimate and it seems the artist and crowd enjoy them more. All totaled, since 1977 (age 16), I have attended around 500 shows give or take a couple. Today at 53, I still attend many shows each year and would surprise most everyone with my taste in music. The best concert I ever attended was the 3/15/86 John Mellencamp show. He performed without an opening act and put on a 2.5 to 3 hr show. That record stood until a March 2013 Mutemath show at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, but still a nice record for some 27 yrs. However, that Mutemath show blew the Mellencamp show completely out of the water. The worst show I ever attended was the 2/23/86 ZZ Top show. OMG, they sucked more than sucking should be allowed to suck. They actually played along with audio tracks. Seriously. Absolutely changed my entire opinion of that band. If you can’t hire a keyboard player and choose to play keyboard tracks, you cannot convince me that you didn’t pantomime some of your own playing. Here’s my list of UTC Arena shows I attended (or at least all of the old ticket stubs i saved)
    ZZ Top 2/23/86
    The Beach Boys 10/4/85
    Billy Joel 3/17/87
    John Mellencamp 3/15/86
    Jackson Brown 8/13/83 (He was booed mercilessly when he wanted to go into some political rant)
    Aerosmith 8/1/84 (Steven Tyler was so stoned, he spit and staggered all over the stage the entire show)
    Billy Squier 10/30/84 (Actually went to see Ratt more so than Squier)
    Van Halen 11/7/82 (Diver Down Tour, Their stage was set up took up 1/2 of the arena-the length of the arena)
    Billy Joel 2/11/84
    Reo Speedwagon 3/19/83 (They came 3 times in 3-4 yrs and each show the crowd was 1/2 the previous year)
    Iron Maiden/Twisted Sister 2/19/85 (I was embarrassed at the turnout, Maiden probably had never played to such a
    small crowd since their early forming days. Without a doubt this concert did more
    damage to my hearing than any other and since. Ears rang for 3 days and the what
    hearing loss I suffer from now can be traced back to that night)
    Chicago 3/2/85 (Did not go by choice, this was to appease my girlfriend at the time)
    Reo Speedwagon 3/5/85
    Ozzy Osbourne 7/29/86 (Some little known group named Metallica opened for him and were booed when the crowd
    grew tired of waiting for the Oz. Tragically, one month later they had their famous bus crash
    that took the life of their bassist, Cliff Burton)
    Rod Stewart 5/4/89 (This concert showed me that Rod Stewart, was a professional, had been in the business a long time and knew what to do. Some idiot hopped the stage stood beside Stewart and put his arm around him. Stewart turned to him, handed the idiot his microphone, and calmly walked off stage. The idiot was stunned and embarrassed as he had stopped the show and had several thousand people now looking at him and imagining what his head would look like on a tomato stake. Security removed him)

    1. Dale Slater

      There are many shows on your list that I attended but cannot find the stub. So it’s a partial list.

  18. Tony Brice

    Great list, David! If I recall correctly, after the first Kenny Rogers show, acoustical engineers were brought in to fix the sound problems.
    I’ve only seen one show there and that was the Monkees in ’86. I remember the Grass Roots and Gary Puckett being on the show, but I don’t recall Herman’s Hermits, though I could be mistaken.
    In the Chattannoga News Free Press on the day after the Monkees concert, it was mentioned that Gary Puckett was dating Morgan Fairchild and she was in the audience. I’d like to have seen her.

  19. BK Watson

    Saw RATT Jan 87….it says 21st in the list but for some reason I thought it was the 28th….no matter. Great show. I recall thinking Poison would open for them but it was Queensreiche instead. Great concert. Coming home it was snowing hard. Looked like warp speed . I still have my shirt too. Old cig hole and dry rotted and ripped. I was 17 then now here I am 47….. Fun days, fun friends, fun girls, and best all I have the memories to take me back there any time.
    Thanks a ton for the list and all the work.

  20. Grant

    Great list! I thought I remembered seeing a large grouping of people some time in the early to mid 90’s, maybe 93 or 94. Seems like Luke was the headliner, maybe 95 South and some others.

  21. P.SALLEE

    Andy Williams 12/14/87 also included Chattanooga Boys Choir. I have a picture of he and 10 year old me together that night to prove it!

  22. Joe Stoker

    The opening band for Van Halen on 11/7/82 was Joe Whiting and the Bandits, not Bandit Boys. After countless hours trying to figure out VH songs, I went home that night armen with the right hand tapping technique. Thanks so much for compiling and posting this list, so much history.

  23. Mr. St. J.

    There are also some smaller bands and artist that are to obscured for this town that you have to go to Atlanta or Nashville to see. Which I did back in the day. Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, The Psychedelic Furs. It’s a shame that people only want to see the big names.

  24. Mr. St. J.

    Also, great job on the list. I’ve seen many of those listed. Just wish Fleetwood Mac would come around. Thanks again.

  25. Alessandro Borri

    Hi David Carroll !

    I am an Italian rock fan and collector of many bands and I would like to ask you additional information about gigs that should have been played in Chattanooga – Arena but are absent from your list.


    10th May 1989 RATT – GREAT WHITE – WARRANT
    ? February 1990 WHITESNAKE – KIX (exact date unknown)

    Well sorry for my question anyway I’ll hope you will be able to check if these gigs take place or not in Chattanooga.

    Many thanks for all your efforts and your kindly attention to my question

    Best Regards,
    Alessandro Borri

  26. David Carroll

    I don’t see those dates, but I do see 3/13/88: Whitesnake/Great White… 11/2/89: Tesla/Great White 1/31/90: Motley Crue/Warrant and 10/17/90: Poison/ Warrant. Those are according to the official UTC Arena ledgers. Thanks!

  27. A J Salmeron

    WOW!! what a list!! outside of auditorum are any of the concerts listed from the Festivals??? I would have loved to have seen Neil Diamond—I wonder why he never played there.

    I can remember when we usually had to drive to Atlanta to see a concert! Thanks again for the list!

  28. Candy Talley

    I was at the first concert with Kenny Rogers and the Gatlin Brothers. I also went to see Reba McEntyre with Linda ?.

  29. Trevis Hicks

    The 1989 Rod Stewart concert was my first rock concert that I got to attend! David it looks like I was in great company! I don’t think that of the many many concert I have attended to date can ever compare to it. There’s just something about the first one that no other can live up to. Saw many many others at the Round House! Thanks for this posting David!!

  30. Clarence Atterton

    There is a Lynryd Skynyrd Concert with Kenny Wayne Shephard and Paul Rodgers that is missing from the list. It was either 97 or 98.

  31. Sonya

    I saw Barbara Mandrel when i was eleven yrs old. One of the high lights of my life. My twin sister and i were obsessed with her ! And still are 😍. It was awesome. We were 10 rows up left of stage. I’ll never forget it !!! I went to many concerts during my youth there. Saw REO my all time favorite, Chicago, Bon Jovie was terrific, survivor, Hewy Lewis, and many more, but will forever remember Barbara Mandrel 😍😍❤❤

  32. Paula McMahan

    Loved the Dick Clark shows My sister and I hung out with the Hullaballoes and took them to Lake Winnie and my friend and I rode around Chattanooga with a couple of the Gary Lewis and the Playboys band Also met Dobie Gray then Gene Pitney was at the pool so I didn’t get to meet him I have met many stars including the Beach Boys Mark Lendsey of Paul Revere and the Raiders and even got a kiss from Randy Owen of Alabama band Also met Mickey Gilly Johnnie Lee and a lot of others Great memories and I wasn’t even a groupie lol

  33. Keith Finch

    Does anyone have any information on a Tom Jones concert at the Memorial Auditorium in the late 80’s/early 90’s? My wife insists that it happened, but I can’t find any record of it. Thanks in advance!


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