She made my day

While making my weekly Burger King visit (if you haven’t heard, it’s become a Monday “thing” for me), this sweet lady came over to say hello.  Since I seek attention for a living, I am always flattered when someone recognizes me and knows my name.

Jeanette Liles

Her name is Jeanette Liles.  When she figured out who I was, she apologized for interrupting me as I stared at the bright big-screen menu.  “I’m sorry,” she said.  “I’ve been staring at you, and you’re David Carroll, aren’t you?”

I owned up to it, and she said, “I know you get tired of people stopping and talking to you when you’re in public, but I’m 85 years old, and this may be my one chance in a lifetime to tell you how much I appreciate you, and how I love to watch you on TV.”

Jeanette, the pleasure is all mine.  You made my day.  Your kindness and sincerity reminded me never to take this job lightly.  It is an honor and a privilege to be invited into your home each day.  I hope I see you again, because once in a lifetime is not enough to be in the presence of someone so special.


About David Carroll

David Carroll is a longtime Chattanooga radio and TV broadcaster, and has anchored the evening news on WRCB-TV since 1987. He is the author of "Chattanooga Radio & Television" published by Arcadia.

2 thoughts on “She made my day

  1. Betty

    Hi David,
    Jeanette has been a friend of mine for too many years to count! I am one year older than she. She truly is a very special lady. Please let her know I saw this picture. Thanks for posting.
    Betty Galloway

  2. Dana

    David is receptive to all who meet him – he’s just a sweet and kind southern gentleman – we are lucky to have him !


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