Still loving that Forester family

I will always have a special place in my heart for Kathy, June, Kim and Christy: the fabulous Forester Sisters from the New Salem community on the Georgia side of Lookout Mountain in Dade County.

In my early TV career, they were about to become country music superstars, and they were kind enough to let me spend a day with them, and do the news story you can see below.

Canaan and June Forester McCormick (

Canaan and June Forester McCormick (

The Macon Telegraph has done a wonderful story on June, and her daughter Canaan, who is about to graduate from the Georgia Academy for the Blind.  You can read it here, and I hope you’ll share with your friends, it is a great story about two wonderful women.  I thought I knew everything there is to know about the Foresters, but I learned a lot from reading the story, and I bet you will too!  By the way, I can’t wait to hear Canaan on the radio this summer!

Here is my story from WDEF-TV in January 1986, please excuse the poor audio, it was a long time ago:

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David Carroll is a longtime Chattanooga radio and TV broadcaster, and has anchored the evening news on WRCB-TV since 1987. He is the author of "Chattanooga Radio & Television" published by Arcadia.

3 thoughts on “Still loving that Forester family

  1. Ronnie Crowe

    I remember these girls very well, I was the bass player and vocalist for Boys At HEART band from LAFAYETTE when the girls were on their way to stardom. We were so excited for them and even more excited when we got the chance to do a show with them. They are so sweet and just good folk! So excited for Canaan and her future, congratulations to her and June! Ronnie Crowe in Subligna GA.

  2. pam

    i think the forester sisters are really talented the harmony is really worth a number I hit I fell in love last night and I choose you again should stay at the top of the charts iam a number one fan

  3. ruth

    My grandfather (elbert) had property on the keen side of lookout mountain and I spent many a day waiting to see sunlight from there. I asked about the forester sisters but everyone on that side of dade county said we were not kin with them. I always thought they sung pretty and I was named for an Aunt Ruth and had kin in Chattanooga for sure. I know there are some things not to find, as there were always a lot of guns, and people just pulling into my grandfather’s long driveway. I really got nothin other than that. I managed to make my way as a software performance engineer but have always wondered about my lost kin. I miss my grandparents and my Uncle Gus and Aunt Minnie most of all. My father was not kind to the local foresters after my grandmother’s death, I have lost track of everyone, but I have some precious memories. They said we were not related to the Forester sisters but I am a Forester sister to be sure I just wish I knew what the other path would’ve been like had things worked out different for our broken family.


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