“It was a magical moment when I saw Bob Brandy and the scout troop on the cover! Most all my memories were good ones and to have them brought to life again was a treat!”
— Jackie Mason

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— Jerre Haskew

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— Joy Smith

“What a GREAT book! Well done from first page to last!”
— Ed Ramsey

“Get your book, or books, you will totally enjoy it and even be surprised, as I was. David did a wonderful job on this book.”
— Tutti Harris

“I am enjoying your book so much. I grew up in Chattanooga with all these folks in the pictures in your book. I complement you on your tremendous volume of work in putting this book together and special thanks for taking the time to do it so we can all enjoy these memories. I highly reccommend this book to all those folks who care about the history envolved in this constantly changing medium. It’s a great read but the pictures tell such a great story as well. THANK YOU!”
— Bill McCallie

“Got mine and it brought back so many memories, GREAT JOB DAVID, GREAT GIFT FOR FRIENDS”
— Carlos Dempsey

“If you grew up with Chattanooga Radio and TV this is a MUST have book. I have my copy and am ordering more for family gifts !! David hits a home run with this book !!!”
— Missy Williams Clay

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and well worth the money. I would recommend it to anyone that has lived in the Chattanooga area.”
— Shawn Whitfield

“Got my book early and it’s excellent. Very nice book. Carry it with you and get autographs. Worth every penny.”
— Arlos Dempsey

“I’ve read your book twice now and enjoyed it both times.”
— David McGlumphy

“I ordered it online, and got in the mail the next day. David autographed it for me. I love, love, love it!”
— Diane Vail

“David, do people know that your book was ordered by someone in New Zealand? It just got here, and I am enjoying it so much!”
— Marlene House Beard

“My husband loves this book. I am so glad I got it for him as a gift!”
— Liz Griffith

“I HIGHLY suggest you get this book. It is such a well-done history in pictures. It makes you long for the good old days of TV and radio.”
— David Karnes

“This has been so much fun to flip through and read. It is a must-have. A fun read for everyone.”
— Holly Abernathy

“I am a history buff, and am enjoying your book. You have covered an important part of our history, the radio and TV personalities!”
— Doug Meyer

“I’m not much on reading books, but I read every word, cover to cover. Good stuff!”
— Neal Kassebaum

“I am thoroughly enjoying this book. And I sure do miss some of these folks.”
— Doug Swafford

“I got my copy last week and can’t put it down. There are so many good stories to tell.”
— Franklin Frazier

“Great book! Thanks for getting it to me so quickly. Great memories of everyone in the book. Can’t wait for Volume 2.”
— Shane Hullender

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— Frances Pope

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“David has done an outstanding job compiling the rich history of Chattanooga radio & TV. A must read for not only local history buffs, but for anyone who has ever watched Chattanooga TV or listened to Chattanooga radio.”
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— Jackye Caperton Slaten

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— Donna Burcham

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— Virginia James

“David, you’ve done a great piece of work.”
— Mike Wilson

“It was great to relive the memories and see the name and faces from the past. Radio and TV was such a big part of my life growing up”
— Eric Wennerstrom

“Who do you know at the Postal Service? I ordered it on Monday, and it arrives here in Pennsylvania on Wednesday? How did you do that? By the way, you did a great job.”
— Rob Wade

“I love your book, it is awesome.”
— Mary Bryant

“Love your book”
— Karen Adams Goodlet

“Great book, David! My husband and I love it.”
— Celeste Caroland

I received the book today and can’t seem to put it down. You did a great job on it! Brings back many fond memories. Thanks so much for putting this book together and offering it for sale. I will spread the word to other folks that might want a copy.”
— Terry Turner

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— Caroline Rich

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— Millie Totten

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— Greg Thompson

“Thanks so much for putting so many great memories into one book. I’m pushing it to all my old friends!”
— Steve Hill

“I just read your book from cover to cover. I didn’t mean to do that, but I couldn’t put it down. I really enjoyed the trip down Memory Lane. As a Chattanooga native, I remember listening to Tommy Jett and thinking that he was the coolest thing I ever heard. I wanted to be Miss Marcia when I grew up, and I was on the Bob Brandy Show with my Brownie troop. Dr. Shock used to make me laugh out loud, especially when Ding Bat lobbed some irreverent remark out there about one of our elected officials.
I just wanted to let you know what a great job you did with this. I’m ready for the next one!”

— Jennifer Flynn

“You have made a lot of people very happy!”
— Barbara Molloy

“I received my book and it’s amazing! Thank you so much for doing this. I can’t wait to share it with my family and friends. I know this venture must have been a lot of hard work and taken a lot of effort on your part. I just want that I for one, am very glad that you decided to take this project on.”
— Pattie Pope

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— Dr. Dan Bowden

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— Clyde Hawkins

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— Charles Wilkie

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— Karla Thomas

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— Barbara Griffith Moffett

“Do yourself a favor and buy this book. It is a great part of Chattanooga history!”
— Matt Conners

“The book is awesome, you did a great job on it!”
— Patricia Ledbetter

“I read the book on my vacation, all I can say is WOW! I had forgotten about a lot of the people, it brought back so many memories. Thanks!”
— Pam Brown

“I am loving this book. My son is too!”
— Heather Kinser Nelson

“I love the book. Thanks for doing it.”
— Jon Coppinger

What a precious trip down memory lane! Thank you, David — those pictures are priceless — and thanks to all the ones featured in the book who have entertained, informed and blessed me for so many years.”
— Jacque Benderman

“Thank you for writing this book. It is awesome!”
— Angie Smith

“I am enjoying the book so much. You have done a splendid job in both collecting and presenting the history of Chattanooga broadcasting. This is another jewel for our city.”
— Violet Paul

“What a beautiful book! It is long overdue.”
— Billie Smith

“I picked it up and didn’t put it down until I was finished. It is an amazing work. What memories! We grew up with these people. We will truly treasure this.”
— Larry & Patsy Henry

“I have really enjoyed reading this book and taking a trip down memory lane.”
— Kenneth Harding

“I’m glad you’ve come forward with this book. I love this history”
— Mark Womack

“I got a lot of insight from this book that I never knew before. I enjoyed being part of the local broadcasting scene.”
— Larry Taylor



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